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Stepping- Out-to Step-Up

Lighthouse for Jesus, Inc. Church Covenant

Lighthouse for Jesus Inc. Church will utilize all of its resources to provide a Christ-centered ministry where people in the congregation and community can be REDEEMED to a personal relationship with Christ. They can be RECONCILED to GOD, His purpose, and His people. Its ministerial goal is to be restored to WHOLENESS and WELL-BEING that is received for a full life involved in service. Lighthouse for Jesus Inc. (LFJ Inc.), the liberated church, will seek to grow toward ministry balance and to possess a “two-legged cross” (that reaches up to God and through God out to its fellow man). We will allow the Spirit of God to continue to fuel this local organism of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and be ever-growing practitioners of His written command.

The Light for Jesus Inc. The church as the body of Christ will live out its purpose to worship God, advance the Kingdom of God, practice and reference His power, His presence, and His prosperity.

Church Services

Sunday Evening Service

(2nd & 4th)- 6 pm


Wednesday Bible Study - 7 pm


Sunday School Service- 10 am

Sunday Morning Service - 11 am

Pastoral Counseling Services


San Pedro


Support Our Church

Because of your generous giving, Lighthouse for Jesus has become the beacon of light in our community in sharing the truth of God's Word.  Together, we're providing life-giving ministries, feeding, and clothing the less an effort to transform lives within our church and beyond.  Help us continue our mission as we connect, transform, and change lives.

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