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Pastor Biography
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Pastor Walter Horn Jr. and his wife Elect Lady Charlotte Horn started Inspirational Faith Outreach Inc. May of 2012 in the Homestead, Florida area. After 7years of faithful preaching, teaching, and being chosen as the successor of Pastor Johnie, he was led to merge two ministries, Lighthouse for Jesus and Inspirational Faith Outreach Inc. becoming the Senior Pastor & Elect Lady Charlotte Horn of Lighthouse for Jesus Inc.

While serving others, they have remained faithful and diligent in serving their family. They are joined in ministry by their parents and siblings. Their five children Walter Horn III (Shakira), Chaquilla (Kwamez Johnson), Henry A. Horn, and 3 grands (Justice, Kaleb, and Kaleah). In appreciation and acknowledgment of their leadership with Christ-like excellence, they have been privileged with being the Godparents of 10, two of which reside with them.

They vow to continue to serve faithfully with diligence and distinguished character in the Gospel through the guidance of the Holy Spirit wherever God designates them and their family to serve. It is their desire to walk worthy in God’s DEVINE ORDER carrying out the vision for His church and His people with the hope that it is pleasing to Him. They aspire to develop a strong spiritual and physical relationship that would allow them to be the leaders that God has ordained for the task of building better saints for Kingdom business with the corporation of the body working together.

Pastoring allows them the opportunity to bring experience and necessary resources that are needed for the building and growth of the church. As His servants, they vow to preach and teach The Gospel of Christ Jesus as Lord. They believe this is necessary for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry and the edifying of the body of Christ. (Ephesians 4:13)
Pastor and his wife Elect Lady Charlotte Horn are truly a unique pairing for this season in Kingdom building. While holding fast to the Word of God, God has used them to be agents of change for all who come into contact with them. Just as the Word declares “the two shall become one,”

it is in Oneness with their Mind, Bodies, and Spirit in tune to the frequencies of the Holy Spirit that they operate. While maintaining a humble spirit and strong desire to do the Perfected and ultimate Will of God, they serve and give of themselves freely. They give, speak, teach, sing, and preach with a BOLDNESS that only the One True and Living and God can provide.

Love, Kindness, Connectivity, teaching while willing to learn, and even humor yet remaining rooted in the Word of GOD are just a few of the things that have drawn people to them and God. Both in the Spirit and in the natural they have used themselves as examples as to how Children of God should conduct their personal and Spiritual business. While God, has provided Pastor and Lady Elect Horn with a vision and direction to carry the church further, traces of his Spiritual father, the late Johnie Doctor, can still be heard in the message. Their leadership methodology is rich in Biblical order and integrity. They know and understand whom God has placed under their watch and carries each one close to their heart just as a Good Shephard does. Their love for humanity is unconditional, and they encourage all to Come as you are.

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